Why Trump Wants Covid To Last Forever
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A McCain republican or Bush 42 republican is NOT a republican.
written by bobknight33


No Bob, a Trumptard is not a republican. A climate change/science denier is not a Republican. A war hawk is not an old school republican. A draft dodger who calls those who serve America losers and suckers is not a Republican. You are a ReTrumpican, not a Republican.

Fiscal conservatism is the core of Republicanism, and the antithesis of big spender Trump, the nation's biggest loser, who made zero money at all 10 out of the last 15 years (taxes leaked, so sad), and less than my wife and I did at least two of the remaining five, paying at most $750 in income tax...unless he's a total tax cheat too....and it's looking like he's actually hundreds of millions in debt, some to mobsters, some, like $100 million, to Uncle Sam. THAT is not a Republican, Bob, it's a failed business man, convicted fraud and con man, and soon to be boat anchor in the Black sea.
written by newtboy

"Why Trump Wants Covid To Last Forever"
Looks like Mr. T may get his wish, per the recent headlines, afterall "It is what it is".
written by dedstick

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