When a bully challenges the coach of a boxing gym
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That's gonna leave a mark
written by eric3579

No matter how hard you think you are, there's someone out there ready to prove you're a marshmallow.
*quality lesson
written by newtboy

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written by siftbot

Eh, my first impression is that this is staged (not the sparring, but the narrative).
written by AeroMechanical

If it's not fake--all I see is sadness
written by SFOGuy

written by Zawash

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written by siftbot

Mass respect for the coach. He was very humble and didn't just beat his ass but also taught him a lesson. He should have charged him.
written by Oxen_Morale

I see a pair of assholes in this video.

First indication:
"After I showed him my crutches he went on to call me a pussy and said are you backing out."

Fighting someone because they called you a pussy and then continuing to punch them in the head after obvious signs of brain injury...
Yeah, you're an awesome teacher.
written by TheFreak

Bullies don't deserve your sympathy.

I feel satisfied that if the bully was winning that sparing match he wouldn't have been so restrained, his prison record reinforces that theory.

The only obvious sign of brain injury I saw was the asshat driving an hour to try to bully a boxing coach. He wasn't pounding him in the head, he was more pushing him to the floor. I saw a boxer jabbing at 10% power vs an arrogant bully throwing haymakers who thought he's the toughest person around. Sometimes the only one who can teach humility is the ground.

I think he learned that lesson, he seemed like a good teacher to me.
written by newtboy

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