When Taking Down "Anonymous" Goes Wrong
Submitted by C-note
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He wasn't taking down Anonymous, nor could he. Nothing "Goes Wrong" really. In fact, EVERYTHING went right splendidly for Anonymous.

Watching the long trail of vulnerabilities he left behind, he likely couldn't even take down an amatuer teen hacker wannabe if he tried without getting his own ass served on a plate.

The title could be "When an incompetent, arrogant & greedy nincompoop gets his just rewards."
written by cloudballoon

so hard to concentrate on what is being said with all these random video clips... it's like having a conversation with someone who is also flipping channels on their tv. just why?
written by Khufu

Moving this video to C-note's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
written by siftbot

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