What if We Nuke a City?
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written by kulpims

Promoting this video and sending it back into the queue for one more try; last queued Sunday, October 13th, 2019 5:38am PDT - promote requested by kulpims.
written by siftbot

Lets get all countries to organize their institutions in such a way that idealistic moral imperatives and vows are binding. No cheating, not even lying. Ever. Yes you too, Saddam. And Vladimir. And Pooh too. I mean Xi Jinping. I am sure if we ask them all nicely or sign a petition or demonstrate in front of the Indian and Pakistani embassies 24/7 surely they will come around.

If we disarm now, how do we divert that asteroid when we need to?
written by vil

I was hoping to find out what #sunscreen to buy before the big day.
written by BSR

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