What are the most devastating pandemics in human history?
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*quality and terrifying

If they were expressed as a proportion of the then-population of Earth they affected, it might have been even scarier.
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135 million in the 1300's was 33% of the earths population
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Interesting info, but whoever produced the video made some really questionable editorial decisions. Commas separated values over 1000, except for periods used in #1. What's with the "big stuff" in the background? How do the heights of various buildings compared to things like mountains and the size of Halley's comet relate to these mortality figures?

Just... weird. Good video though, in spite of that
written by moonsammy

Also most of the numbers are made up or out of context or wild guesses. The general idea is interesting.
written by vil

With ya. Was trying to figure if they were stacking the bodies like cord-wood or where they head to feet. Odd comparison. Now, by mass... that'd be interesting.
written by bremnet

Just look up Wikipedia, the CDC or some other authoritative scientific sites and this video is full of misinformation. Of import, the origins of the top 3 and other lesser ranked Y. P. strains are still best guesses and points to Central Asia, not China in most recent studies. China is like the "first mass victim," not the "patient zero" of the pandemics, but these plagues ultimately spread far and wide with deadly repercussions all over the world. Fact those Y.P. plagues devastated Europe so much speaks more of the unsanitary living they had back then and other misconception of how the plagues spread they had exacerbated the spread more than anything.

Time to learn those lessons and take Covid-19 seriously. Wash your hands, keep a good physical distance, and shut up around strangers as much as possible in public. And don't go out as much as possible.
written by cloudballoon

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