Trump's Racist Attacks on Democratic Congresswomen
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So, can they launch a civil suit for racial slander?

(I'm not a lawyer - but don't people sue, or press charges for racism?)
written by Sagemind

Unlikely. I'm no lawyer, but minimal investigation showed.....
First they would have to prove damages, then overcome privilege (both absolute and qualified) then prove it wasn't just 1 a statement made in good faith, 2 opinion, 3 mere vulgar abuse, 4 a fair comment on a matter of public interest.
Since Trump has executive absolute privilege, a history of spouting nonsense no one believes, and a history of believing any crazy thing, he's certainly shielded from defamation laws.

Also, except for the "go, then come back" part, everything he said was proper. His administration is the most corrupt, crime infested government we've ever seen, and we need them to show us how to fix it.

But Melania doesn't seem happy, she can fact, as a person who worked illegally under her visa , then overstayed it by creating an anchor baby, she should be deported and Bannon needs to go in the cage.
written by newtboy

It's funny but AOC was born in the US and both her parents were born US citizens. The only member of Trump's family that can say the same is Tiffany.
written by nanrod

Trump and all his supporters are the ones that need to go, bunch of deplorables the whole lot of them.
written by Mystic95Z

Not racist at all. Only racist to the PC think group.
written by bobknight33

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