Trump and Fox Struggle to Attack Sen. Kamala Harris
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I'll say it.

Trump will win by a fucking landslide.

More supporters today than 2016. Democrats fed up with the far left of their party, not to mention Finger Banging JOE loosing his mental grip will push Trump to victory.

The fake news, BLM rioters, Democrat lead cities dumping on Blue lives, cutting funding. Crime spiking, looting, murder rates spiking will lead to total victory.

Covid is a non issue. People want to go tow work not be ordered by Democrat mayors, Governors to stay shut down.

Covid death rates are low % , except elderly, and not worth the economic damage to people, states, nation.
written by bobknight33

You must be joking.
He may have more support among those still calling themselves Republicans, but there are insanely fewer of those today, #walkaway, and his approval among independents has tanked from it's low starting point, and among democrats it's non existent. Also, he's the incumbent, can't get none of that there reform when you're the incumbent, and that was his ONLY selling point. Also, you don't have Biden cheating the election process like Clinton, so fewer turning away from the Democrats.
All these anti Trump commercials are produced by Republicans, Bobby, not Democrats, not Russia, not China, Republicans. I've lost count of the number of anti Trump Republican groups they're popping up so fast.

Democrats fed up with Joe stuttering or flubbing words (but not concepts) will go with Trump, who lost his mental grip before 2016, and finger bangs his daughters, rapes women, cheats on every wife, has a child with his daughter, and has failed at every leadership metric?!? Wow. That will be a sight to see. If they do, we will get the president we deserve, and it will end this great experiment in democracy.

You know what you complain about ALL happened under Trump's leadership, not during Biden's. Same leadership in cities, the only change was Trump that made civility and law fall apart.
Covid is only a non issue to idiots who believe Trump over literally anyone else, no matter their credentials or evidence. Above 85 IQ people understand they live in the real world where 160000 are dead and likely 500000 permanently disabled.
>160000 dead, >5 times the rate of deaths and infections than the global average including third world nations, they aren't just elderly, they do include thousands of children dead and tens of thousands brain damaged. Republicans were prepared to shut down over Benghazzi, 4 deaths...but not over 160000, even knowing not shutting down will extend the pandemic, extend the shutdowns, extend the national isolation, extend the depression, and cost the U.S. trillions upon trillions more in excess costs and losses, all of which could have been avoided by shutting down two weeks earlier and mandating masks, but Trump didn't, so we are the worst effected nation on earth in nearly every way.

Why are you still getting information from the Don the con? He's steered you wrong at every single turn.
written by newtboy


say it, but surely place a bet on it, if it's a shoo-in?

if you believe your johnson is a lolly and women are begging for a taste, just unzip, roll it out and wait for women in the target fitting rooms to prove it.

that's just as equally sound as believing dj has made more fans, and no one cares about killing complete strangers.

but i get it. if donnie does lose, i'd stay away from any post-rallies. especially, far far away from the free drinks served after.
written by luxintenebris

Video plays more like Seth struggling to attack President Trump. He was never funny or witty at SNL and he continues that trend here.
written by Jesusismypilot

I tend to agree with the funny part somewhat. I do find him very informative. The jokes need better writers.
written by BSR

When that happens, hold onto to him very, very tight. If you can.
written by BSR

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