Trump Wanted Armed Groups At His Jan 6 Rally
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For @bobknight33 to ignore and call “fake news”.

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Summary of her testimony-

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So here's a question I find interesting: did the Secret Service technically kidnap Trump, if he didn't want them to take him where they took him? I mean, totally the correct call for them to make, but it looks like the president assaulted his own Secret Service after they kidnapped him. Which is so very, very fucked.
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I’m shocked to find out you may be correct…they don’t seem to have the authority to do more than make security suggestions, directly ignoring direct orders is problematic.
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Ketchup on the wall, broken plate WOW CNN front page news !!!

POTUS getting mad and making a mess. This is impeachable. This is a serious crime. Brian Stelter is jizzing in his shorts over this wonderful news

Unlike current POTUS Sleepy Joe can't get mad because he can't remember anything.
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I would guess they deny the president many times from going into dangerous situations.
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Unsurprising, you cherry pick the one non crime mentioned then say something amounting to “look, that’s not a crime, it just indicates Trump is an infant that throws physical tantrums….that’s my man.”
And actually it is a crime, destruction of public property and vandalism of the White House….not that you care.
Also, it shows how outraged Trump was that there was no massive fraud. He wanted there to be fraud, he needed there to be fraud, or at least a lie that there was fraud, and was OUTRAGED there was no fraud and more so that Barr had admitted the truth. It shows how he is 100% not qualified emotionally to hold ANY office, much less the highest on earth.

Nice ignoring the physical attacks against secret service members while trying to personally lead the violent attack against America and the lynching of his own VP.
Good job ignoring him trying to let heavily armed crowds join his rally meant to march to the capitol building….armed to the teeth with everything from bear mace and spears to groups carrying assault weapons wearing tactical body armor.
Nice ignoring that he knew his crowd was heavily armed when he told them to fight hard at the capitol building and don’t let them certify the election (he may have said “don’t let them steal your country” , a distinction without a difference).
Be proud of ignoring all the Republicans who admitted knowing they committed crimes in an attempt to overthrow what they knew undeniably was a certified, fair, secure election by asking for pardons for their crimes they committed for Trump, including Trump’s chief of staff. Put your head in a little farther and you might be able to see out of your own throat.

Oranges of the investigation
Trump is no mental genius….and Biden handed him his ass without even holding rallies.
So….Sleepy Joe doesn’t need to be awake or conscious at all to be a much better president. Is that a compliment to Joe, a swipe at Trump, or both?

PS- kudos for admitting Biden actually is the current POTUS. I know that’s hard for you.

PPS- add to that news of Melania’s absolute refusal (by text, so recorded) to put out a statement calling for a halt to violence…..because they needed that violence and she expected her husband to be leading it.
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8 ‘Bombshells’ from Hutchinson Testimony Are All hearsay / Duds.
When will you wake up?

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Not the parts that matter, like him screaming to let his armed troopers into his rally to be ready to storm the capitol, because they aren’t there armed to hurt him.
Also not the part about him being apoplectic when they wouldn’t let him go to the capitol to lead the attack.
You will never wake up.

“Do you believe in the peaceful transfer of power?”
“I plead the fifth”- disgraced general Flynn (and every Fascist Trumpist)
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I remember when you absolutely, positively declared that T-Rump would win a second term.

You are still in a deep coma.
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