Trump Tries To Talk- Troth Truth Senchal
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Donny has the best words
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He really needs to start his own dicktionairy.
written by BSR

Trump and Sarah palin talk exactly alike. Broken sentences with thoughts and words that often don’t even relate to each other. Much of what both those people ever said actually made any sense.
written by robdot

I'll take Trump over Biden any day.

America went from firing on all cylinders to being choked out financially speaking.

$6/ gal gas. Democrat policies are killing the American pocketbook.

America had a Leader, Now we have a JOKE.

written by bobknight33

Biden and his party are destroying Americas at an alarming rate just to push their Liberal World order.

written by bobknight33

A total failure to address a horrific pandemic causing years of shutdown and near a million deaths will do that.

The entire world except Venezuela must be suffering from these democratic policies then because $6 a gallon is cheap compared to most countries. Socialist Venezuela gas is almost free.

“ At $5.037 per gallon (as of June 6), gas is cheaper than in over 90 countries including Norway and China, and more expensive than in over 70 others. Gasoline prices are an unbeatable $0.084 per gallon in Venezuela, the country that boasts the biggest oil reserves in the world”

You really need a new tag line, that old reality ignoring silliness is so stale that you sound broken. America had a traitor, now we have a leader. You would prefer Harris?

BTW, triggered much!?
written by newtboy

We know, because you put your conspiracy cult before country, humanity, or truth every single time.
It’s made you into an anti democracy, anti American, racist, inhumane liar. I think you know it. Of course you love a man with all of those traits.

written by newtboy

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written by siftbot

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