Trump Says COVID “Affects Virtually Nobody”
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The US govt last week updated the survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19:

0-19 99.997%
20-49 99.98%
50-69 99.5%
70+ 94.6%
written by bobknight33

Only AFTER trump changed the numbers, the CDC has repeatedly announced the horrible truth only to have to retract it for political reasons, meaning Trump insisted and put their jobs on the line, and fired many that wouldn't ignore results to spread his propaganda.
The CDC has been politicized by Trump and is no longer a good source for information, only propaganda until Trump's temporary sycophantic administrators are removed and professional administrators can be confirmed. That's why doctors and scientists are fleeing the organization. That's why they said 400000+ dead by new years then retracted, it's why they said 6' isn't enough indoors, then retracted despite there being no new data or conclusions. Flu season starts soon, and we sit in the worst position possible for that, still wave one and it's accelerating again.

200000 dead/7million cases =....can you do that 2nd grade math?
It's an overall death rate of 2.8% Bob. Not .003%, not .02%, not way less than the flu (.1%) like Trump lied to America, but exponentially, up to 50 times worse like he admitted in private Feb 7 (now 30 times worse). 2.8% after we got an idea how to treat them.

That doesn't count deaths from complications, like going into a coma, surviving the virus in that coma, then dying from the damage it did to your brain and lungs. That's not in the covid death number I give you, neither are permanent disabilities like brain deaths, needed lung transplants, neuropothies, heart damage, etc.
written by newtboy

So, if these (very soft) numbers are taken into account and this (highly infectious) disease continues to spread throughout the whole of the US, there's going to be this rough breakdown:

0-18: 2217 dead
20-49: 23,840 dead
50-69: 417,000 dead
70+: 3,029,400 dead

Total deaths nearing 3.5 million. And this is considered something to dismiss without concern?

Of course, this is ignoring the fact that there can be long term implications for people who are infected, but survive, too.
written by simonm

Those numbers also don't take into account that once ICU beds aren't available, the mortality rate jumps exponentially five to seven times higher.
written by newtboy

Allways pushing the negative.

OK 2.8% death rate. A better way to say it 97.2% survival rate.

Granted you don't account for most vulnerable ( those over 70) which account for nearly 1/2 of deaths. So for those working age and school age is is 1.4 % death rate and rates get lower as you are younger.

Did you stop shopping?
Getting gas?

Enough data is out to say this is much to do about nothing unless you are old, then its a big deal.

Only fake news and Democrat leaders are pushing this BS. Mask up, go to work and pay you bills.
written by bobknight33

If you want to sound smart, you need to look smart.

Much Ado About Nothing
written by BSR

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