Trump Rushes Back to Fox After Disastrous Axios Interview
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"Lower than 'the world' ? what does that mean?"
written by JiggaJonson

Someone's an anti-yo-semite...
written by fuzzyundies

I like that the first try was "Yo-Semite" and the second was "Yo-Semen-ite" conflating his two favorite activities...being racist and raw dogging porn stars while his wife is pregnant. It sure sounded like he thinks Old Faithful is in Yosemite. Who else thinks he believes it's Jellystone instead of Yellowstone national park?

Enthusiasm gap?! WTF is that? He knows that no matter how enthusiastic they might be, they can only vote once...right? Probably not, I bet at least once before the election we will see him suggesting it's ok for his supporters to try to vote twice, especially when he finds out it's not illegal for him to suggest, just immoral and anti-American, neither of which is a problem for him.

Come on @bobknight33, don't you want to shout about how Biden has dementia? Don't you want to call calling Trump out for not having the ability to speak, remember names, and understand graphs fake news followed by a clip of Biden flubbing some words?
written by newtboy

Yosemite was the name given to a group of renegade Native Americans (from different tribes) that lived in the present area of the park. The name translates to “those who kill”.

Ironic Donnie Ducktail would miss it.
written by luxintenebris

It's amusing that he would try and claim he's protecting the environment and national parks when he appointed a coal stooge to the head of the EPA and is trying to mine national monuments.
written by wtfcaniuse

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