Trump’s Maralago Home Raided By FBI
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So…the FBI has now said this raid was an attempt to recover classified top secret documents Trump admitted he stole by the boxful from the whitehouse but failed to turn over when the courts demanded he do so in 21. At least 15 boxes of stolen classified documents.

They have also reported that at least some of these stolen state secrets have been recovered in this raid of his home (now reporting many boxes full, maybe even 15 have been recovered), which was not a secure location, proving Trump committed the treasonous crimes of the theft and retention of classified top secret documents they are investigating AND the dangerous, irresponsible act of keeping them unsecured while foreign entities he was hosting (including Russians and Saudis) may have had access to or even gained possession of them. Because he claims to have destroyed or disposed of some, we will never know.
Each document stolen carries a prison term of 5 years, he took 15 boxes of them.

No wonder Fox and the right are losing their shit…demanding the FBI be dissolved, forgetting its director is a Trump appointee he lavished praise on, as (I believe) is the judge that issued the warrant.

BTW, no doors were kicked in as the right claims today, the secret service was notified and gave the FBI free access. They are still there now.

Thoughts and prayers for @bobknight33 and his great leader.
written by newtboy

Just Political BS to ensure Trump does not run in 2024.
Keep trying , Keep it up. It just might work.
written by bobknight33

Riiiiight….but all 8 of those Benghazi investigations were serious, apolitical, need to know what happened for the good of the nation cases, right?
Are you saying all those years of “but her emails” despite zero classified info being exposed or involved was just political bs just to keep Clinton from running, or winning?

Then FINDING 15 boxes of stolen documents including top secret documents with a valid warrant looking for them, after Trump failed to produce them in 6 months (found by the fbi in minutes) must be serious…crimes that at a minimum demand Trump be in club fed for life….5 years per classified document, 15 boxes of stolen documents…many classified top secret documents, found in an unsecured basement storage room.

It can’t be purely political BS if they found the stolen top secret classified documents unsecured in his basement, and they did. It can’t be pure BS if the evidence amounts to, let’s be insane and say each box only had 100 pages in it….so 100 pages x 15 boxes= 15000 charges carrying a 5-10 year prison sentence EACH, so a possible 150000 year mandatory sentence. That is what we are talking about here, not that he took home some personal papers, he took home thousands of classified top secret documents he stole, then kept them unsecured in a basement and refused to turn them over for at least 6 months.
It’s a lie there wasn’t notification. It’s a lie that doors were kicked in. It’s a lie that all they needed to do was ask for the documents. It’s a lie that prosecuting crimes committed by a politician (who claims he’s not a politician) is a political act. The FBI director who approved the warrant and raid is a Trump appointee who Trump praised as above reproach until now.

Or can you admit the foaming at the mouth over Clinton was delusional rage and nothing more? (Ps, I despise Clinton). Not that it would in any way indicate the same thing is happening here….she didn’t commit any crimes beyond slightly imperfect judgement…Trump absolutely did without any question whatsoever….he stole classified state secrets and kept classified documents unsecured, both separate crimes….in fact if both are charged, each page has a 15 year mandatory sentence, not just 5.

Trump should not run in 24….felons can’t be president, and he should be in prison or a court room the entire term anyway. I wish he would, it would ensure a Dem win.

BTW, you do understand I’m just a bystander, not controlling any of this, just enjoying the karmic justice, right? I hope it continues, but I’m not trying or keeping up anything.
written by newtboy

Ask your doctor if America is right for you.
written by BSR

your onto something! yer GOP really dont want Trump to run again. GOP FBI director, GOP judge, raid inside a GOP state. Desantis will be your next god.

Oh also... back the blue.

written by surfingyt

Moving this video to newtboy's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
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T-Rump pleads the 5th

Through their own words
They will be exposed
They've got a solid case of
The emperor's new clothes
The emperor's new clothes
The emperor's new clothes
The emperor's new clothes -Sinead O'Connor
written by BSR

So….as I write this there’s a police stand-off/shootout happening with a MAGA terrorist in Cincinnati who tried to force his way into the FBI building wielding an ar-15 and a nail gun.

One guess why he’s there, @bobknight33. It’s the same reason both the Trump appointed judge and Trump appointed FBI director have received uncountable death threats and have been doxed….hint: it’s because Trump is a terrorist leader of an anti American terrorist cult.

P.S. hilarious how fast “defund the FBI” and “defund the police” and “prison reform now” became Republican slogans, isn’t it? So much for pretending to be the “law and order” party. You know how to avoid being accosted by law enforcement? Don’t commit treason, and do comply with law enforcement’s orders!! 😂
written by newtboy

Are you stupid?
Everyone is supposed to take the 5th.
written by bobknight33

Yet more BS fuckery by deep state to keep Trump from running 2024.

But that did poke the stick at the hornet nest of the republican party.

Boy did this BS back fire
written by bobknight33

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