True Facts: The Hummingbird Warrior
Submitted by w1ndex
Zefrank shows us the ferocious hummingbird.
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Beautiful video and a lot of fun and interesting facts. My wife and I are big hummingbird fans, but we were a little disappointed after putting out a feeder that ended up being dominated by a very crafty and very vicious little guy. We put several more up, thinking that he wouldn’t defend them all, but he did. He was really attempting to injure and or kill the others, so we took the feeders down. Little bastard ruined it for everyone!!
I think that it wouldn’t hurt to maybe cut about 40% of the humor. I don’t think that some posters understand how distracting humorous comments can be, and how they can seem forced and entirely irrelevant to the subject.
You have a great voice for this sort of presentation!
written by Coldmoon

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