Tim Burton takes on Adams Familys, "WEDNSEDAY"
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Not gonna comment on the acting & plot from a trailer, but mom & pop Addams characters felt... unrecognizable? They don't give me that vibe from the classic TV & '91 movie.

Hope this Wednesday is not just all creepy & 2 dimensional.
written by cloudballoon

Yeah, hard to top Raul Julia as Gomez Addams. I don't know who is playing him this time but just off the admittedly little I have seen, I am not feeling it.
written by 00Scud00

I am fond of Melissa Hunter's Adult Wednesday Addams series (visible on YT). Its delivery seems a bit more morbid.
written by WmGn

Thanks for the heads up. Really well done series. I sifted a playlist of all the episodes.
written by eric3579

Actually, Luis Guzman is a spitting image of Gomez Addams as he is drawn in the comics.
written by thescapino

Of the 1 second footage (i.e., don't want to be too judgemental), Guzman's Gomez is all menacing-like, which the TV & movie versions was not. I never read the comics though, but through the magic of Google Image Search.... I still don't see it. The 2019 animated movie did it better (of course) to mimick the comics.
written by cloudballoon

This actually looks pretty good.

I'm looking forward to this now.
written by lucky760

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