They're Made Out of Meat
Submitted by geo321
Humans are made out of meat
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It's hard to believe we've got this far considering....We are made out of meat.
written by eric3579

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written by siftbot

Not only that. It sounds as if they are trying to figure out a way to beat the meat.

Fun Fact: We smell like steak when we burn.

Space may be a giant airless vacuum, but astronauts swear that it has an odor. Those who have sniffed the aroma liken it to burning metal, steak, and welding, among other peculiar olfactory memories. "Space has its own unique smell," NASA astronaut Scott Kelly said in PBS' Year in Space documentary.
written by BSR

Great. Now I have to worry that non meat beings are going to smooth out my meat. Thanks a lot Cash Cab.
written by newtboy

The smooth brain thing reminds me of this guys awesome description of Koalas
written by geo321

Tom Noonan's most famous character portrayal had no meat after about mid-movie.
written by Payback

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