The origins of oil falsely defined in 1892
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he must have put in a lot of work to be that wildly misinformed (or he's being purposefully misleading).
written by kir_mokum

utter nonsense - but shows how thoroughly uninformed people can so easily be misled to draw ruinously incorrect conclusions...
written by drradon

When your grasp on reality is broken, you can be convinced of any nonsense.

I wonder how this man profits from spreading this misinformation.

So you know, bob. Oil isn’t made out of dinosaurs, it’s made up mostly of decomposed diatoms, algae, zooplankton, and other microorganisms, transformed under heat and pressure.
It is a finite resource.
If we burn it all, it’s CO2 emissions alone would cause an estimated approximately 200 ft of sea level rise (and likely near total planetary extinction).

PS- shouldn’t it be “The oranges of oil falsely defined in 1892”?
written by newtboy

Well, well, well... base on this reasoning, the FIRST thing we should do is bring down is the stock price of Tesla, make it into a junk stock company for those endlessly promoting Musk here. Yessssss.......

Whether oil is finite or otherwise is kind of moot when we're talking about its impact on the economic & environment at large. With the advancement of renewable, clean energy techonology and ever cheaper cost of manufacturing & generation -- without even mentioning the political shift it would bring by reducing the power & authoritarian tendencies of the OPEC countires -- it's just plain Good Business to transition as fast as possible away from oil.
written by cloudballoon

This is one of those cons that's so bad it actually helps it's own spread.

His entire premise depends on folks buying in that 'Science" was duped into a bad 'definition' for the origins of oil at some committee meeting. You have to accept that for the next 100 years, the entire scientific community was powerlessly bound by this committee decision.

The reason that's so effective is the same as the scam emails rife with typos and bad grammar. He immediately is limiting his audience after that point to folks who didn't nope out already at that point. Targeted marketing at any audience vulnerable to whatever snake oil pitch he's ultimately selling.
written by bcglorf

Absolutely and exactly right.
@bobknight33 would do well to pay attention and notice how often his sources use this methodology.

Unfortunately for him, the grammar and spelling mistakes go completely unnoticed because he can’t spell or even recognize proper English. He knows no science (despite claiming to have an engineering degree), and is willing to jump to the conclusion that everything he doesn’t understand must be some insane reality breaking conspiracy theory perpetrated by his enemies.
It’s unfortunate for the rest of us too.
written by newtboy

Moving this video to bobknight33's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
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