The moment the rocket hit Kremenchuk
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The guy that went into the water.... is that the smart thing to do? I imagine the impact force of debris falling from the sky's hitting him in the water will likely be lessened. But the trade off is you can't properly see what's coming down, the ability to evade is limited too, and if you're hit by a big debris and got stuck/or knocked unconscious in the water... the likelihood of you drowning and the chance of people finding & rescuing you is less too, no?
written by cloudballoon

I don't think that was a smart thing to do, just a panicked thing.

It was interesting seeing some people get straight up clocked by the shockwave while others were able to run (though perhaps with hearing damage, based on the last clip).
written by moonsammy

Yeah, I thought finding the largest (tree) cover to hide is smarter under the circumstance.
written by cloudballoon

Remember, the Rapist's Rights Party says we should be friends with Russia.

That how fucking crazy they are.
written by StukaFox

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