The Donald Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013
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I agree with Trump?!?
I'm calling right now to have myself mentally evaluated.
written by newtboy

*promote a *quality chicken coming home to roost.
written by newtboy

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written by siftbot

Whooooa! Hold on. Don't start thinking now that he was telling the truth. You know he doesn't believe that now.

You're OK man, You're OK.
written by BSR

I have a theory to help you feel better - you might actually agree with Trump less than you think you do.

Just to play devil's advocate (more literally than usually), there's a fair chance of unconscious bias here. If the shutdown were due to an "obviously good idea" from, say, Obama, being intentionally blocked by republicans I'd say a lot fewer democrats would be so critical of the president.

Of course, this doesn't decrease his hypocrisy, just your self-disgust.
written by noims

I personally don't believe in governing by blackmail even when i support the goals.
written by newtboy

The buck stops with everyone... its everyone's fault.
written by Januari

He only speaks truth when it's convenient for him or to make others look bad. Unfortunately.
If you sat him down to watch this, he'd have a thousand excuses as to when he is right and EVERYONE else is wrong!
written by Sagemind

I broke the dam?
written by newtboy

Agree, the law should be if there is an impasse in the appropriations process govt will be funded at current levels until a new agreement is made, so no party can hold the other hostage and shutdown the govt.
written by Mystic95Z

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