The Decade of the EV
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The ICE era is ending.
This is the decade of the EV.
Are you ready?
written by bobknight33

Shine on you crazy diamond.
written by BSR

Still catering to the early adopters.

For me an electric car is twice what I can afford with half the performance of what I have. I drive more than 300 km far at least twice a week, sometimes in winter, in an already heavy van loaded with equipment. Keep trying, Tesla.

I do expect progress, but I will believe it when I see it IRL not in a fancy video.
written by vil

On this one, Bob, assuming you are not being ironic, I totally agree with you. Most people drive about 11.5 miles each way to and from work--and most cars used for non-work go less distance. Range for at least one car in a family isn't really the hang up.

A Tesla Model X (just to pick one) goes 0-60 in around 3.8 seconds. 3.8 seconds is ridiculous fast. The Plaid variant does it in 2.5 seconds. The fastest internal combustion engine I've ever personally lived with did/does it in 5.9. Thus, moms hauling groceries can flatten the bags against the rear hatch about twice as fast as me. I am a poser lol.

The F-150 pick up is rumored to do it..4.4 seconds. Good grief. The load will fly out of the bed.

Those are FUN vehicles.
written by SFOGuy

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