CIA - The American governments terroist organization
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When i hear Americans and American government officials bitching and moaning regarding other government meddling in America and around the world, i think of these things.
written by eric3579

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written by siftbot

Sounds like we're overdue for annihilation. If we're lucky maybe it will be an asteroid.
written by BSR

Thing is, any American - be it Republican or Democrat-leaning - think that powerful countries/block of concern (i.e. the EU, Russia or then USSR, China, Japan, etc.) DON'T want to influence US presidential politics is a bloody fool. The US *IS* the #1 meddler of world politics by far, both overtly and covertly. And the US is not shy of using any means necessary: military, economic, culturally, sanctions, covert-ops. So what right does the US have to ask those countries NOT to do the same?

External meddling should be EXPECTED. Is foolish not to. To say there's no external meddling is to lie to its people.

To focus on external meddling is to lose focus. So it's up to the parties to work their political messages to counteract those noise. That how you win elections.
written by cloudballoon

The Shit the CIA does also applies to America.

DEEP STATE alive and well this last 4 years trying to tear America apart.
written by bobknight33

LOL. The state of Trump is overtly tearing America apart all by itself, without the help of the CIA.
written by cloudballoon

I was thinking that watching this: this crap is now fueling all these rightwing fever dreams about the deep state and coloring their attacks on domestic institutions and democracy.

I'd say it's almost like karma if it weren't so insane.
written by crotchflame

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