The Ad Trump has Threatened TV Stations Over
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written by lucky760

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written by siftbot

Remember kids, it's only slander if it's untrue. Never allow fear and threats to motivate decisions.
written by mram

Aww! Is Donald J. Hoover, the guy who's killed more Americans than al Qaeda and ISIS combined, going to soil his ruffled panties because the painful truth of his statements is being thrown back in his puffy, orange face?

That shit ain't nothing compared to what's coming if he decides to murder millions of Americans to save his Wall St. buddies come Easter.
written by StukaFox

YAY! Humanity is fucked. Thanks, climate denier.
written by ForgedReality

He is literally killing his voter base off.
written by vil

I think the same thing about drug dealers whenever I pick up an overdose.

I use the term "overdose" loosely.
written by BSR you think the same about automobile manufacturers when you pick up a car crash victim?
written by newtboy

Automobile manufacturers have come a long way in protecting lives since I was a kid. I remember when an arm across your chest was your seatbelt.

Not so with drugs. They are more lethal now than ever.

Edit: You get a point for using "car crash" instead of "accident."
written by BSR

To be fair, it will mainly kill off inner city inhabitants who are in close contact with each other.

I.e. it will kill off his opponents voter base.
written by harlequinn

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