Orange County is the Florida of California
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Orange County, not Southern California.

The majority of SoCal isn't dumb like these people. They are dumb in completely different ways.
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Same can be said of FL, I'm glad my County instituted a mask mandate back in June, as our positivity rate has dropped from 17-18% then to now 4-5%. Be responsible people, even if you don't have a mask mandate in effect, it helps...
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There was similar backlash and claims that car accidents were a hoax when wearing a seatbelt became law.

Nils Bohlin received death threats for inventing a safer belt, giving the design away and perpetuating the hoax. The deepstate now credits the man with saving millions of lives from a hoax.

Dark dark times that lead to the world we live in today. Never again!
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As a former NorCal'er, I can't tell you how much I loathe SoCal. Every now and then, a call goes out to split the state horizontally at around Fresno. Fuck that! Split it at Big Sur and let them have all the shit between King City and the Mexican border.
written by StukaFox

Screw that!
As a true NorCaler, in Humboldt, we don't want Sacramento and the bay area. We are a completely different animal up here from those central Californians.
Split it at Big Sur, and again at Ukiah. They can keep the big port, pollution, and traffic, we'll keep the forests and unspoiled rivers.
written by newtboy

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