Smoke Shop Robbery, Las Vegas - Robber Stabbed
Submitted by newtboy
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Nevada Shop Owner Stabs Robber 7 Times In Altercation

written by BSR

I wonder if his partner was caught.

Oh yes. Didn't hear it the first time.
written by BSR

PartnerS…there was a third outside holding the door open, you see him run past the door at :36…I think they were both caught.
written by newtboy

I will be astonished, given the legal issues laid out in that second video, if the smoke shop is not charged. 7 times with a knife,
He's gonna have trouble claiming it was proportionate.
written by SFOGuy

The robber was fighting him until the 5th stab, and the stabbing stopped as soon as he went limp/stopped fighting. To me it seemed only the last stab penetrated, that’s, I assumed, why you see no blood at all. Once he penetrated and subdued, he stopped immediately. To me, that’s proportional.

Also he said he assumed they had guns like the other earlier robbers from the open and backwards backpack, and wasn’t giving the thief a chance to become a murderer. As soon as he jumps the counter I say all bets are off, the owner doesn’t have to wait to defend himself and his employees from a proven violent thief.

He may be charged, but I think he has a good chance of winning any case, he only needs one jurist to see it that way, and almost any small business owner will.
written by newtboy

I don't think the blood had time to penetrate the clothing he was wearing. I also believe each strike penetrated pretty well with the force he was using. I also think the owner is going to see some jail time.

The owner wanted the altercation by inviting the robber back into the store so he could get revenge.
written by BSR

There was more than enough time to bleed through from 7 stab wounds before he dumped him on the floor, imo. I was shocked the store owner wasn’t drenched in blood by then, but I see none at all. I just find that odd, I bleed like a water balloon if you stick me.
I also found it insane the thief didn’t seem to react to the first 4-5 stabs at all, he fought back like nothing happened at first, another reason I assumed they maybe didn’t penetrate. The last two sure did, but even the knife still looked clean coming out. WTF!? Super blood absorbing sweat shirt?

I think the owner, if charged, will go for a jury trial and be acquitted….or might take a no prison plea deal if it’s good enough. I can’t see getting a conviction in Nevada for this, unless he hires Amber Heard or Alex Jones’ lawyers. In Florida, he wouldn’t get a ticket. I doubt he’ll see jail, possibly a fine and huge civil suit. Hope he has good insurance.

Edit: I just found this piece about this robbery victim shooting a disarmed robber in the back, eventually killing him, who wasn’t charged. I think the smoke shop owner was more restrained and hope he isn’t charged either.

? Inviting him back in? What? When? They never left. I don’t think he’s claiming these were the same robbers that robbed him earlier that month, if that’s what you mean.

Edit: I do love the prominent cross on the one robber’s neck. This is what people mean when they say “I’m a Christian, I would never do something like that.”
written by newtboy

The cross as acccesory is pretty meaningless nowadays. If anything, I hold people that wear the cross to a higher standard and near maximum punishable sentences for offenses, NOT automatic trust that these people will do good. Quite the opposite, should be more suspicious. Could be hiding something, use the cross as a facade.

As you may know/remember, I hold myself to be a Christian, the progessive kind that Jesus asked us to be. Not the American Evangelical regressive BS proud-to-be-a-hypocrite kind. I hope not.
written by cloudballoon

Whenever I see this I instantly KNOW these are hypocritical people with “do as I say, not as I do” mentalities. Like those who drape themselves in the flag, it’s proof positive they don’t believe in or respect the religion, they only want to use their faux love for Christianity (or a country) as a club against those they dislike.

The Bible says clearly and unambiguously to never worship idols.

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth."
The cross is an idol, a graven image of an execution device. Definitely a thing that is “in the earth”. Any Christian that wears (or even worships) the cross is violating their own religion in an effort to wear it on their sleeve as a badge of honor and/or shield.

Same goes for flags, wearing one as clothing is seriously disrespectful to the flag and the nation for which it stands….especially when it’s done to show how much more patriotic they are…it proves the exact opposite. People wear flag underwear to show their patriotism while literally wiping their ass with it and farting on it all day as they sit on the flag….real patriotic!

I don’t understand people who do that, it’s clear to me that those who wrap themselves in religion or patriotism really have neither.
written by newtboy

get the drift...sort like those folks who said wearing a cross is a bit like wearing a noose/electric chair/syringe pin or blind-folded man w/cigarette button.

rather it be the fish, dove, flame, lamb, star, or Chi-Rho. If one wanted to prompt angst in a fellow 'Christian' - a rainbow.

what is sorta cool is that minuscule sect of Christians that believe JC slipped and died in the shower. they use bathtub icons.

also kinda hard on boy scouts. the flag patch comes w/the uniform. tried to add some 'hip' to the shirt but the black flag patch wasn't appreciated.

do have veterans in the family, 7 yr - 33 yr, so am okay w/their lapel pins (et al).
written by luxintenebris

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