Sioux Falls police officer delivers DoorDash order
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Why is a government employee working for free for a $MULTI BILLION corporation?
written by mxxcon

To protect and SERVE
written by makach

My reaction was that this officer was being empathetic towards a citizen. All things being equal i'd say this act points to him being the kind of cop you might like to have around.

I'm guessing the way this act is perceived by the viewer has much to do about the type person one is. I see an empathetic cop doing right by someone when he didn't have to. Others may see him as not doing his job properly on the tax payers dime. I think its ridiculous to think his reason for doing it was to benefit the corporation.

I think there are plenty of cops that do things that aren't required of them, and only because it helps someone out or makes them happy in some way. More of them please.
written by eric3579

written by surfingyt

At first I was annoyed that a cop, in uniform on payroll and on duty, using his official police car, was delivering food as a side hustle.
When he said the delivery driver had been arrested (I can’t make out why) my estimation went from double dipping for extra cash to doing a good deed for an uninvolved citizen.

I was a delivery driver as a teen, delivering lunch to offices in Silicon Valley, so often $200- $400 orders. I once got in a wreck on a delivery and my first thought was “how do I deliver this food before it gets cold?”. Fortunately, our company used radios and they just sent another driver to make the delivery (and get my tip). I don’t know if door dash has the ability to reassign deliveries, but it’s nice (and out of character) of the officer to drop it off for free.
written by newtboy

Let's get more cynical! Maybe he was hoping the person receiving the food was baked, and he could arrest them as well for a two-fer!
written by moonsammy

Just relieved he did not kill anyone.
written by vil

written by bareboards2

written by bareboards2

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