Sheets Weren’t Changed at Some Hotels During COVD-19
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Hotels should provide a visible washable marker to guests to mark sheets, blankets, pillows, surface areas as they leave.

EDIT: Something like Urine Yellow
written by BSR

Big surprise, two hotel chains were embarrassed, accepted responsibility, and at least indicated a desire to do better.
Trump hotels just denied it, proof be damned.

Don't stay in Trump hotels unless you don't mind getting oral herpes, hepatitis, and scabies.....and an infinite karmic debt.
written by newtboy

Yeah. Thanks for the heads up.

*tap tap tap - click. tap tap backspace tap tap - click.*

"Reservation canceled"
written by BSR

Watching this just made me sick.
written by C-note

Urine in bed of Trump Hotels. That's an EXPECTED amenity!
written by cloudballoon

Nasty... Glad I'm not a big traveler/hotel user.... At least last time I did (last Nov) it was at a AirBnB rental and it was required that all beds be stripped before leaving and the sheets etc be thrown in the laundry room... Seems these corporate a-holes are trying to cut corners to save a buck hoping they don't get caught...
written by Mystic95Z

written by ant

Adding video to channels (Wtf) - requested by ant.
written by siftbot

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