Sen. Whitehouse Questions FBI on Kavanaugh Background
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Come on, people. I know it’s dry politics, but only 2 votes including my own!?

The FBI director admitting under oath that they did not investigate any accusations against Kavanaugh (and yet claimed publicly that they had for years while stonewalling congress), but instead of investigating tips like they claimed repeatedly they had done thoroughly, they in fact just forwarded them directly to the whitehouse and awaited instructions on who to talk to and exactly what to ask them should enrage every American. They are not supposed to just be a propaganda department for the whitehouse.

Another institution totally disgraced and now untrustworthy after being infiltrated by dishonest Trumpists willing to break every rule and law to gain power. Add them to the DOD, secret service, DOJ, etc. All untrustworthy now thanks to Trump’s deep state people.

Guaranteed the same went for unqualified Barrett and Gorsuch…no investigation or vetting at all and every accusation just forwarded to Trump and forgotten.

Not caring about this kind of thing is why the tiny minority of the far right controls so much of this country now. It’s why Republicans have held the presidency for 3/5 terms this millennium despite only getting the most votes once.

You need to care about the degradation and politicization of national institutions or this country is doomed.
written by newtboy

But is this a surprise AT ALL? America has been treating politics and democracy as a joke a lifetime already. It has not (or could not) fought for real freedom & democracy t home or abroad not a long while, but instead market itself as the pinnacle of freedom & democracy, but it's far from the truth. It's ALL marketing.

An impartial court, separation of church and state, all illusions. But so be it. It's too far gone. Expand the SCOTUS to bring some balance, it's the only moral thing to do.
written by cloudballoon

Surprise? Maybe not completely.
It is surprising to hear it confirmed by the director under oath, I expected far more obfuscation ….and surprising the total 100% abdication of the investigation(s) to the whitehouse as a policy. Also surprising he admits/claims that it’s secretly been like that for decades (not that he would actually know, he is a Trump appointee so only knows how he operated under Trump and Biden).

There are certainly many who will be shocked to hear this….less jaded people who still believed in non partisan institutions in our government. They will be flabbergasted to know the extent that our investigative departments have become pure propaganda departments.
written by newtboy

just think. a booze hound that NEVER did anything untoward, unlawful, immoral, or even embarrassing?

and the FBI background check wasn't real?

knock me over w/a feather.
written by luxintenebris

He's (likely) under oath. It's a consequence-free hand-washing "revelation" that'll clear him. He's just saving his skins by blaming it as "policy."
written by cloudballoon

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