Schoolboy Arm Wrestling compilation
Submitted by spawnflagger
Watching this 20-year old take down way bigger dudes never gets old.
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Spending all that time getting a massive muscle built into your arm and then some guy with an arm half your size comes along and absolutely crushes you. *promote
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written by makach

When he stands up he's huge 6'5" 275 lbs. A giant compared to some of these guys. It seems having well defined muscles isn't what it takes to be a champion arm wrestler.
written by eric3579

It seems (to me, I'm no expert) that he's keeping his arm relatively stiff, and using the momentum of his entire upper body to do the work to pull his opponents' arm down. I'm sure he's quite strong, but also has technique and fast reflexes.
written by spawnflagger

Brute force is no match for skill, technique, and brute force combined.

written by newtboy

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When I was younger I found that instead of keeping your hand in line with your arm, bend your hand at the wrist slightly forward and somehow there is an advantage. I noticed he does the same thing. HA! You should see the look on those girls faces on the take down!
written by BSR

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