Ricky Gervais on Trans Woman
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Ricky Gervais on Trans Woman (SuperNature)
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oof. that was rough.
written by kir_mokum

Ricky is always rough on everyone. No exceptions!
written by Harzzach

Ricky is always a stupid flippant douche bag, no exceptions.

Sometimes it’s funny, but more often it’s not. Implying trans women all have beards and penises is just too insultingly ignorant to be funny to me. I’m not a fan of “comics” that are just smarmy insult artists, especially those that have to stretch reality that far to insult their targets.
written by newtboy

it was rough in a comedy sense. he might as well have made a "my wife is always nagging" joke. even if you hate trans people, it wasn't a clever joke. and honestly, comedians using "woke culture" and trans people as jumping off points is so fucking boring. they've rarely added anything to the conversation are rarely funny. it's unfortunate that a lot of my favourite comedians are still doing those kinds of bits.
written by kir_mokum

Agreed. The best Humor is supposed to convey some difficult to accept truth about the environment or ourselves. This joke reminds me of jokes about bald people.

"YOU'RE BALD!!!" that's the joke.
with some extra 'therefore you can't do X'
written by JiggaJonson

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