Protester gets maced and shot in the face by gas projectile
Submitted by Mordhaus
What idiot shoots a tear gas launcher at someone's face and at that distance?
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That's attempted murder, and any cop there that didn't arrest the cop that shot him at deadly range is complicit.

Where are these mythological good apples?
written by newtboy

They are the ones called "protesters." Hope that clears up the myth.
written by BSR

Hey, did you hear a Detective from Springfield Mass got fired within days of posting an offensive Black Lives Matter post?

That's right, it was a photo of her nice at a BLM protest holding a sign saying, “Who do we call when the murderer wear the badge.” and some of her colleagues found that offensive enough they had to fire her.

So apparently they can act when their snowflakes are in danger of melting, just not, you know when they murder innocent people, frame innocent people, steal from innocent people and criminals, lie about incidents, doxx those who disagree with them then shrug it off when the doxxed person's neighbor is brutally raped apparently as a direct result of the doxxing (idiot got the wrong apartment number, police later said it was no big deal because the woman only suffered minor injuries (she was bruised head to toe, and raped, but no broken bones, so it's all good, right?) and the city counselor the cop doxxed could have been found through other means).

It's not a question of what to do "if" the criminal wears a badge. The criminals wear badges. The question is what can be done to stop them.
written by Drachen_Jager

Sounds like what we expect in our worst estimations....murder, torture, racism, extortion, facilitating rape, public exposure by publicly accusing and doxxing, planting evidence, brutality, false testimony, all on camera = paid vacation time while it blows over.

Any inkling of support for peaceful anti brutality protests, fired in days.

It's not a question of if criminals wear badges, it's become a question of do ONLY criminals wear badges/ are all badge wearers criminals? I've yet to see a scintilla of evidence indicating they aren't, and mountains of video proof indicating they are.
written by newtboy

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