Precision Water Drop Saves Home
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The first one misses, but the second one is spot on.
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--Hot summer with global warming (no moisture in anything)
--Drought for years in California (tinder)
--House in the urban/brush/wild zone probably because--it's pretty and they want seclusion--but---lots of fuel nearby that's dry and uncut.
--Building site at the top of a ridge (for the views--but flames propagate up hills)
--That house isn't going to last out the full duration of its mortgage, most likely
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Adding video to channels (Water) - requested by ant.
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Fucking A.


because in ALL my years of seeing aircraft drop water (even including the first drop in this video), it ALWAYS looks like the water is evaporating before it touches down or generally having not much of an effect.

I've always wanted to see dropped water actually put something out up close. This is a red-letter day for me.

Finally scratched that decades-old itch. So satisfying.
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