Pool Dreams It’s A Waterfall
Submitted by newtboy
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"Water seeks its own level" my father used to say. Personally I thought gravity had more to do with it than the water.
written by BSR

This building is clearly pregnant, and the water just broke. If only affordable housing was that easy.
written by 00Scud00

This was one of the first steps in that brutal collapse in Florida...
written by fuzzyundies

m a n...it's gonna take a hell of a lot of flex tape to fix that.

story here: https://tinyurl.com/yc4ue9ym & https://tinyurl.com/bddzuhpk

would question the clean edge and how the bottom fell out neatly (in one piece). shouldn't there be rebar or support beams?
written by luxintenebris

Better yet, notice that the garage floor drops when the pool bottom hits. It’s going to be expensive to repair if it’s even possible.

I agree about rebar. If they used any, they didn’t use it correctly to tie separate concrete pours together. It is in Brazil…no surprise at all if they didn’t follow code.
written by newtboy

My guess is that the rebar doesn't go all the way through.
written by KrazyKat42

That collapse was completely different reason
written by mxxcon

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