Police admit they arrested wrong man, yet he's still in jail
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Fit the description....except for his height, weight, age, and clothing.
Just like I fit the description of a vandal when I was 12-13 riding the bus to school in my prep school uniform, 130lbs and maybe 5'4", and white...and the description was mid twenties black man, approximately 6' 180 lbs. I was still in custody when they brought him in.

Never trust a word a policeman says, they are professionally trained to be liars, and have fought to the supreme court to secure their right to lie. They know that doesn't include lying about what happened, making up charges, or perjury, but once you're ok with lying, even feel it's an important tool to use to trick innocent suspects into prison, crossing the next line is nothing, just lie about it.
Stating that in court under oath makes me ineligible for jury duty. I got a huge smile from the judge too, seems he doesn't like liars either.
written by newtboy

Sounds like his mother set him up for BLM. Ometu?
written by BSR

At least they didn't fire 11 rounds at him like the unarmed 13yr old who was clearly not a threat. US police are a fucking joke.
written by wtfcaniuse

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