Police Who Murder Man In Public On Camera Fired
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Snuff or news? I feel like this incident is going to be with us for a while.
written by newtboy

News, Eric Garner pt. 2. I just wish I would have been there because instead of standing there filming I would have tackled that officer.

We need people to start standing up for one another against this shit.

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written by siftbot

I thought the same thing. No jury would convict you, and you would save a life.
Better might be to citizens arrest them both for attempted murder, meaning you have the right to kill them in the process if they fight. (Force used in a citizens arrest must be in line with the crime and only the amount needed to subdue and hold them)

Thanks for the P and Q
written by newtboy

I'm going to say something, and some people are going to lose their shit because they won't understand what I'm trying to say, but I'm going to say it anyway.

You know what this is?
Another dead n****r.

You know what Americans can give a shit less about?
Dead n****rs.

You know when Americans start giving a shit about dead n****rs?
When live n****rs start kneeling at sporting events because America doesn't give a shit about dead n****rs.

If you're dark-skinned in America, you don't matter; you never mattered and you will never matter.
It will always be open season on you. You will always be "them"; you will always be the enemy.
You will never get justice, you will never get equality, you will never be welcomed.
The slightest infraction by any one of you will be equated as a shortcoming of your entire race.
If you raise your voice, then they'll call the police and if you raise your fist then they'll call out the National Guard.
It doesn't matter what you accomplish in your life, it doesn't matter how high you climb in your profession and it doesn't matter how much you better the human race as a whole, America will always view you as JAFN.
But the day you start voting with the bullet and not the ballot, all that changes. Equality has a blood price and when you make them pay it, then you'll start to be considered equal.
And not one fucking second before.
written by StukaFox

Sorry Newt, but this'll just be added to the pile of "who cares?"

This is the country that watches its children get machine-gunned in their schools and just shrugs. This is the country that poisoned its own population with opioids and just shrugged. This is the country that allowed corporations to take over the entire power structure of the nation and just shrugged. No one cares. No. One. Cares.

You cannot overcome the wall of indifference and entitlement no matter how many impassioned pleas or elegant speeches you make.

Your heart's in the right place, but this is Bob Knight's country now and you will never get it back. And the people who're like Bob Knight? Yeah, they really don't give a shit about dead niggers.

As soon as I get my work visa for France finalized, I am out of here.
written by StukaFox

To your first post, some of us care because it's a dead American, period. I agree, many have that mindset, but not all Americans by far. That said, I'm astonished that non-white America hasn't openly declared the undeclared and often denied war between them and blue America. Where's Cyrus (from the movie The Warriors)?

I'm not prepared to just hand over the nation my forefathers gave their lives to create without a fight because the number of easily duped morons in our midst was underestimated. The last election gives hope that the populous was sufficiently shocked to at least vote, especially with so many states moving to all vote by mail. Trump was right for once, if everyone eligible votes, no Republican will ever hold a federal office again. To combat voter fraud, instead of presidential tantrums I wish they would make it a mandatory sentence felony and prosecute every case, that would have put quite a few Republicans in prison last election including some candidates.

Who cares?! Sadly it seems to be a minority of us, especially a minority of those of us in office, but still a plurality. There are more of us than there are Trumpsters, but we aren't as single minded or unified since we can think for ourselves instead of just regurgitating propaganda.

Yes, our country, it's values, morals, and ethics are all in dire shape, but I believe it's not beyond saving unless we give up and move to France....then it will probably be a Chinese colony in a decade.
written by newtboy

Newt, you've already lost.

You didn't lose with Trump in 2016, but with California's Prop 13 in 1978.

The goal of the Neocon movement was to decimate American public education because they knew that an educated population would never vote for the kind of shit they were selling, and because teachers (being educated and all) were a powerful Democratic voting block. Defunding public education was a win/win for them.

It worked beautifully.

The teacher's unions were starved. Public schooling imploded. We went from the most educated populace in the world to the point where 50% of the population can't find their own country on a map.

Then the real screw-job started with the wealth transfer. Unions were busted, jobs were moved overseas. The safety net that kept millions from abject poverty was dissolved ("welfare queens", "food-stamp cheats"). The Middle Class began to evaporate with about 10% climbing up the ladder and the rest being dumped into the street.

For people like me -- people with high-end skills and a college degree -- that shit worked out great. But people who aren't as lucky? Kinda sucks being them. So they got madder and madder. Luckily, there were dark-skinned people that this rage could be directed at. That good ol' American racism? That shit pays dividends if you play it the right way.

Now you have an increasing number of poorly educated people living in poverty with grievances. Hey, guess what -- we have a new tool to focus all that anger and it's called FOX News! They can show you whose dastardly plan it was to keep your poor, white self down on the farm while those FUCKING LIBERALS live it up in the cities!

Lather, rinse, repeat.

See Newt, people like Bob aren't an anomaly, they're the intended end result of a very well-conceived long-term plan by extraordinarily smart people who understood Chomsky, Orwell and Lasker better than you ever will. Bob is now the norm and you are the exception.

Go ahead and vote in Biden or Warren or even Sanders: it doesn't fucking matter because you can't vote out entrenched stupid. No matter who is sitting at 1600 Penn Ave, Bob is sitting in front of his computer, seething and being stupid. He's not going anywhere. He's not going to see things differently and he's damned well not going to get any smarter.

There's a shit-ton of Bobs in this country and their numbers are growing daily. What're you going to do with them? Put 'em in a camp somewhere? Shoot 'em? You cannot have Bobs and the America you want. That leaves you with exactly two choices: you pick up your gun and shoot them, or you pick up your passport and leave. It's one or the other. You might not like the taste of this shit sandwich, but you're going to eat it whether you like it or not.

Also, you think Bob's a little kooky? Go visit 4chan's /pol/, visit whatever 8chan became, visit the comments section of Zero Hedge, read the comments on FOX's YouTube videos: those motherfuckers make Bob look like a goddamn bastion of rationality. Those people, the ones who're yelling at their screens and pounding out febrile screeds? They're armed. They hate you. They want to kill you. The only reason they haven't is because they haven't reached critical mass yet. Give them a couple of years of post-Covid economic collapse and they'll get there.

I'll never forget the most important lesson a Holocaust Survivor taught me: "The smart Jews left first".

Good luck; see you in Lyon.
written by StukaFox

Hmmmm.....I went to public schools in California in the 80's, they were well above average, head and shoulders above public school in Texas. Granted, I went in Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto, neither hurting for tax funds. I'm not sure how they keep the lights on up here in Humboldt county.

You may be right, but even a confirmed pessimist like me has a hard time believing Trumpsters are now average intelligence, 100 IQ. That would make me Einstein, and I'm no Einstein.

Yes, there are more dumb people than intelligent....it's up to the intelligent to use their brains to get around that. It's not a new concept, it's why we have an electoral college.

Why can't I pick up my gun, do my duty to cull the American herd of the mentally feeble, then move to New Zealand? ;-)

The thing about the screaming loonies is they think they're tough, but the first time someone returns fire more than half will piss themselves and drop their guns in terror. Those pansies are afraid of deer. They love to be tough thinking only right wingers own guns....they're wrong. I've got many.

Yeah.....I'm not going to France no matter what happens. I'd move to NZ in a heartbeat though.
written by newtboy

The most frustrating thing about this for me is--I can pretty much guarantee that because the firing was so precipitous, I can almost guarantee that the particular union termination rules were not followed---and the Police Officers Association will follow with an appeal of the firing, and he will be re-hired.

written by SFOGuy

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