Police Cuff Woman On Tracks And Abandon Her- Hit By A Train
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Situational awareness of some potatoes. More worried about getting a reason to have pulled her over to care enough about a fucking train hitting the police vehicle she's in. To serve...the establishment...and protect...the status quo...
written by w1ndex

That's your tax dollars at work. To pay for the cops, their emotional care after the incident and the multimillion dollar payout to the lady who will probably live with a painful body for the rest of her life.

Police should all carry their own insurance to pay for this stuff. If they don't make enough money to cover the insurance then they can't be hired.

Seems like a logical fair market solution to this type of idiocy.
written by visionep

Wow. I had heard of this case and I had assumed intentional malice on the part of the police. This footage indicates that it was error in judgement instead.

Having said that, this kind of error in judgement easily rises to the level of criminal negligence and the arresting officer should be imprisoned, and almost every officer on site should be fired.

No reasonable person would ever park an empty car on train tracks, and it is even one step further to have put someone in the vehicle and not moved it immediately off the tracks.
written by maestro156

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