(PS5) RIDE 4 | Ultra High Realistic Graphics
Submitted by eric3579
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Stunning! *quality stuff
Unfortunately reviews say the difficulty is just as realistic, so if you aren’t a superbike rider you’ll have trouble advancing.

Still, we’ve come one hell of a long way since excite bike!
I hope Road Redemption, the upcoming Road Rash style motorcycle combat game, looks 1/2 that good.
written by newtboy

Boosting this quality contribution up in the Hot Listing - declared quality by newtboy.
written by siftbot

*actionpack *motorsports *wheels *water
written by ant

Adding video to channels (Actionpack, Motorsports, Water, Wheels) - requested by ant.
written by siftbot

Seems only unrealistic that they can keep traction on that track as wet as it looks. Totally looked and sounded real to me. Found myself leaning into the turns. lol
written by BSR

I'd rather see this fist-fight this guy got into with a scalper to secure a PS5. I'm ready to throw down just to get a RTX 3080.
written by StukaFox

motorcycles make for shit games (for RL riders anyway)because there's so much about the way you operate them that games always ignore.. until it's done in vr and with physics that don't ignore the way counter steering works I'll pass.
written by Khufu

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