One Policy That Impacts Coronavirus Math
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Time off with out pay- ok.
Why should a company be obligated to pay you for sick time?
Its nice when they do.

1 of the first things you learn as an adult is to set aside 6 months pay and put $ in you 401k.

These are you fund for such times.
written by bobknight33

So, did you not watch it, or are you just incapable of learning, because the answer to that question was thoroughly explained.

They should be obligated to pay sick leave so sick people don't have make the choice to go to work sick or become homeless. That costs insanely less than an epidemic does, and kills no one.

The rest of the industrialized world is capable of it, and they had near full compliance with stay at home orders. In America, not so, which is part of why we are now the epicenter of the pandemic and will remain so for the foreseeable future, and will likely have the most deaths of any nation by the disease Trump said isn't a problem worth addressing and it would just miraculously disappear by April because he's done such a good job. Instead, due to his complete lack of preparation even though he had >3 months to prepare, we are on course to have our casualty number top 1 million....all blood on Trump's hands. His administration could have acted in December and avoided any infections in America. They didn't.

Since so many of the (now gone) jobs created in the last 3 years were minimum wage jobs, how do you think people barely living paycheck to paycheck are going to put away a dime? They couldn't pay all their bills when they were being paid.
written by newtboy

Once again, for a supposedly "civilised" country, many aspects of the US health system feel utterly barbaric.
written by ChaosEngine

I did watch,
Personal responsibility means nothing to you.

Ok Santa Clause.

Orange man Santa Trump got their back.

MEGA 2020
written by bobknight33

So delusional.
You asked why, which was answered in the video clearly....I guess reality means nothing to you. An impossible dream of some magically universally enriching personal responsibility (your plan-all you need to do is save that money you aren't earning for hard(er) times) means less to me than hundreds of thousands of deaths and trillions in socialist handouts and losses.

I live in the real world, not the fantasy where being undereducated, under employed, and destitute is a choice people make. This fictional reality where everyone has the means and opportunity to succeed. If working hard and staying clean was a guarantee of financial success, you might have 1/2 a point to make, but it's not.

Yep, typical....berate me for being Santa by suggesting paid leave is smart, then pat orange Santa on the back for enacting a more expensive 1/2 ass version of that plan but wasting and grifting hundreds of billions in the process. Having it be federal law before it was too late could have slowed the spread, flattening the curve....1/2 measures long after it's an epidemic won't.

Economy, in the toilet. Unemployment, jumping faster than the great depression. Health and safety, a memory. Infrastructure, completely forgotten. Debt and deficit, skyrocketing like never before in history. How exactly are you winning today?

Come on, where's my "red tsunami 2020"?
written by newtboy

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