Mom arrested after posing as 7th grade daughter in school
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I’m wondering what her solution might be....starting school an hour early so every student can be fully screened before entering a completely closed and sealed campus? Incredibly harsh sentencing for those caught trespassing?

Did she consider the repercussions for her daughter, who was clearly complicit with her criminal plan to expose lax security? Expulsion is a real possibility.

She did prove security is lacking, but was there really any question? Everything is lacking in public schools. Now everyone knows just how easy it is to go unnoticed in schools, does that make the children safer or at higher risk?

Now it’s time for her to pay the should be high as a very public example of what happens to trespassers.

What a maroon.
written by newtboy

@newtboy just fyi, maroon, i recently learned is a racial epithet.

I believe I learned the term from Bugs Bunny "What a maroon!"

But apparently it's just another way to make fun of people with a lot of pigment in their skin. I only realized this when I heard it used as an actual insult. "Fuckin maroon." This is, consequently why maroon as a color is brownish/redish (to resemble the skin of the people that are on lonely islands aka people who have been "marooned")

I have no doubt that you didn't know this ahead of time, but just know it going forward. I don't think that's what you meant, and you wouldn't want to be misunderstood.

EDIT See also, art like this statue titled "Maroons surprised by dogs" (1893) (Brussels) by Louis Samain. Note the fetters on the hands and feet: (Pretty fucked up eh?)

EDIT 2 I think I also know the word from various TV show episode titles that are some version of "Marooned" when people become stranded.


EDIT 3 Oh yeah, and this dumbass. What did she think would happen? She didn't "Just walk in" she wore a disguise elaborate enough she filmed her "setup" that took long enough that it required montage-like speed in post. Not to mention she had to use her daughter's school id to get in.

Going through a makeover/disguise
Learning and following your daughter's schedule
Using your daughter's student ID

DOES NOT = just walking in
written by JiggaJonson

Correct. I was a kid when I first heard it used. Later I always thought it was a deliberate mispronunciation of Moron for humor sake. For instance only a maroon would mispronounce it just as he also mispronounced ignoramus in this clip.

written by BSR

The bugs bunny quote was exactly my intent, @JiggaJonson , a mispronunciation of moron. I do not think Bugs was using a racial slur against Taz, but Looney tunes definitely got racist so what do I know?!
This is first I recall that I've ever heard it's a racial slur, although Cimarrón is a term I remember vaguely from history class. Thanks for the education.
written by newtboy

Moving this video to Mordhaus's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
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I think it also helped that this mom is petite (4'11" 105 lbs) and wearing a hoodie and a mask. During non-pandemic without mask, I suspect she would have been caught 1st period.
written by spawnflagger

I'm going to vote for mum here.

If a hacker breaks into a company, or its software, and reports the breach to the company, the hacker often gets a bounty. It's not the hacker's job to think about how to fix the problem - although s/he may: it's the company's.

Yes, maybe she daughter is in trouble - but, if so, this would be due to the school's reaction.

Unless she's a real nut, I'd like to see the school thank her, and invite her to join a school safety parent-teacher body.
written by WmGn

If a hacker breaks into a company and is CAUGHT, then claims they were just testing security....the hacker gets prosecuted. It's not the hackers job to expose the problem unless the company hired them to do that. Otherwise any hacking efforts ever could just be excused as "security checks" and not prosecutable, even when they're successful at stealing money, data, and IP. Even if they do no harm and report themselves, it's still an illegal attack, just like if you catch me leaving your house after breaking in but I say I was just exposing your poor locks by picking them and searching your've still been illegally violated.

If I break into a bank, break into all the safe deposit boxes, and when caught in the vault say" I was just testing security, what's your problem, I'm the good guy here", I'm going to prison, just like she should.

The daughter would be in trouble because she helped an adult sneak into the school, not because of the schools reaction but because of her clearly inappropriate and likely illegal actions.

She's a real nut or she never would have thought this was a good idea. Do you think any concerned citizen should do as she did? How do you distinguish security checks from kidnappers, pedophiles, thieves, .... People who take the law into their own hands at the expense of other people's security are not heroes, they're self centered, self aggrandizing, nutjob criminals.
written by newtboy

On distinguishing between security checks and kidnappers/pedophiles/etc., I think that being a parent of a child at the school, and documenting the day seems a pretty clear distinction.

Agreed: if she'd been hired by the school to pen test, there would be no question. In this case, my argument is just that I don't see anything to suggest that she's anything other than a concerned parent. I think it's perfectly legitimate to worry about your children's security in a US school.

I don't know what steps parents have taken to try to improve security at the school - and don't know how much it matters: sure, she's in a stronger position if the school repeatedly rebuffed requests for spending their tight budget on security consultants.
written by WmGn

Yeah, because parents are never up to no good....and moronic criminals never record their crimes.

Legitimate to worry, not legitimate to take it upon yourself to test it. I'm worried about my money in the bank, it's not legitimate for me to break into the vault to see how easy it is. Duh.

What?! How would the school not having funding to increase security in any way excuse her going to great lengths putting all other students at risk? It would be worse, because she would be going in knowing they CAN'T increase security because they can't afford to.

You are free to assume this person had only perfectly pure motives (just as others are free to assume she was going to kidnap a child for a sex slave while disguised as another child in a mask and hoodie), but that doesn't change the fact that she surreptitiously snuck into the school with no authorization or authority to do so. Her motives might be above board, her actions aren't even close. The proverbial road to Hell is what you think excuses her illegal actions.
Edit:You seem to be suggesting we prosecute thought crimes only....If I intend to commit a crime but don't intend to do harm, no foul, but if I wish to do harm but take no action, lock me up. That's not American or reasonable without a perfect mind reading machine. We prosecute actions, and her outrageous trespass was definitely illegal.

Would you be fine with me, or any random citizen "testing" the security of your home when only your children are there? What if I dress like their friend? Gee....why not? Don't you think the other parents have the right to not have adults constantly trying to be in their schools disguised as kids under masks?
written by newtboy

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