Millennials Are Still The Stupidest Generation. Brad Upton
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What a boomer!
written by Phooz

Only after the 5th or 6th time he said it, did I realize he was saying "clock" and not Clonk.
written by spawnflagger

I think what he's missing is that it wasn't the Millenial kids who asked for an overly insulated upbringing. It was their Boomer parents who put up all the guardrails and made all the rules to protect them from getting their bodies or feelings hurt.

Let's be clear, there were 2 versions of Boomers (early and late):
Boomer 1.0 raised the GenXers and they didn't give a fuck what tree we fell out of or who made fun of us in school.
Boomer 2.0 raised the Millenials and I'll never hate on Millenials because their parents were fuuuuuuuucked up protective.
written by TheFreak

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