McKayla Maroney blasts FBI over handling of Nassar case
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Such a horrific failure by the FBI. You have to wonder why the FBI didn't act, and why the Justice Dept decided not to prosecute or explain to the committee why they are not. *promote
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The FBI spent more time investigating President Trump on fake Russian collusion than this. Sad.
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Fake? They still only convicted what, 34 people and 3 companies involved with Trump’s administration and campaign of uncountable serious related charges? Many convicted of being unregistered foreign agents working for Russian puppet states! Pretty serious repercussions for a fake crime, doncha think?
Remember Flynn, who admitted to lying about colluding with the Russians before Trump took office, telling them to not worry about sanctions by Obama, Trump would drop them immediately. That’s actually treason and “collusion” (not a legal term, btw) on Trump’s behalf by a direct subordinate….before he even took office….admitted under oath and verified with recordings of the calls!

I don’t think that word means what you think it does, because you’re using it wrong.

Just think if they had been serious professionals under Trump, they would have nabbed so many more, so much sooner….including Trump himself for perjury at a minimum, likely bribery and possibly treason if they investigated his finances.

They would have actually investigated Kavenaugh too, disqualifying him with the slightest precursory effort instead of handing him a pass without investigating at all.

written by newtboy

Remember Flynn,

FBI Fucked him over, knowing he did nothing wrong and everything right. When His new lawyer finally evidence that they were hiding The dropped the case.

But yet a hard left judge kept on trying to prosecute Flynn.
written by bobknight33

Wrong. He admitted it, and admitted knowing it was wrong.
They had him on tape telling the Russian ambassador to ignore the Obama sanctions because Trump would remove them asap, so he had no other option.
He also admitted to lying about it under oath to the fbi (tried to hide it because he knew it was illegal, possibly treason), then tried to backtrack when his deal didn't seem so good anymore.

Then he was pardoned by Trump, they didn't just drop the case you fucking liar.

Accepting the pardon is an admission of guilt, (edit: something Flynn has now done at least three separate times on these charges) and legally requires a dismissal which the judge granted, but specifically said he was still guilty.
written by newtboy

Again, the universe provides more evidence supporting my argument.....

This week indictments were unsealed against two Republican operatives, Jesse Benton and Doug Wead, for allegedly funneling money from a Russian national to the Trump campaign in 2016.
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Well he's gone even more bat shit crazy, and now claims Biden is going to put vaccines in salad dressing to trick anti vaxers into eating it.
To hit the target group, they should really put it in string cheese, Doritos, and Mtn Dew. Those guys don't eat many salads.
written by newtboy

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