Lock Him Up Yesterday! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
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Lock Him Up Yesterday! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
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All just for show.
Just to keep the Trump war drum beating.
Just to keep Trump from running 2024.

The real question is why is the deep state so afraid of this man?

Nothing will come of this because Trump has done nothing wrong.
written by bobknight33

Right….investigating a deadly failed coup costing over 1/2 a billion dollars, dozens of election frauds (real ones, not the fantasy kind you love to investigate over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over with nothing ever coming of the fantasy besides wasted millions and dissolution of the Union), stealing and even possibly handing over/selling nuclear secrets (not keeping a few mislabeled files on a server later discovered to be low level classified), etc is just for show, America has no legitimate interest in punishing actual traitors….but what about her emails? That’s the important question we still need answered, right? 🤦‍♂️

If he’s done nothing wrong, the real question is why is Trump so petrified of court? So afraid he reversed his long time stance that only guilty people plead the fifth and pleaded the fifth hundreds of times….or did he change his stance?….hmmmmm….maybe not. 😂

For someone with nothing to fear, certain nothing will come of the charges, Trump and his cult are certainly acting like he’s already in prison awaiting execution! LMFAHS!

LET Trump run, please oh please let him run and split the right wing votes.….he just needs to be kept from holding office. Treasonous traitors that tried a violent coup once and election fraud 60+ times shouldn’t hold public office to try again. I know you disagree, and somehow you think that makes you patriotic.

Uh-oh….indications are Biden won’t run again. Now who you going to meme? President Newsom? Wouldn’t that stick in your craw!
written by newtboy

Moving this video to BSR's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
written by siftbot

Good news Bob, in something of an anomaly, you've got an opportunity to read the truth about this incident on foxnews(I know, it's opposite day in the world):


Link is above, but choice quote from FOX themselves follows:

If this were a mere issue of simply recovering unclassified presidential records, though, there likely never would have been a criminal element to this matter. But buried into those boxes were countless properly marked classified documents. Those documents lacked any markings indicating that Trump had ever declassified them. No actual substantiated evidence indicates Mr. Trump ever declassified them. No one viewing those records would have any reason to view them as anything other than properly classified documents.

The government tried to recover the documents peacefully and quietly. They spent one year discussing the matter with Trump’s staff, and 15 boxes were sent back to NARA in February.

After identifying more missing records, the government returned in June with a subpoena and found more boxes of records that should have been returned. Both times, properly marked classified documents – up to and including documents marked as Top Secret and requiring Sensitive Compartmented Information access eligibility – were located within the boxes.

A Trump lawyer swore out an affidavit promising there were no more documents. The government gathered evidence that the Trump lawyer was not being truthful, and on August 8, 2022, a court-authorized search warrant was executed that, sure enough, located several more classified documents.

That is not an abuse of law enforcement processes. That is how the law works.

Now I'm going to repeat the last statement there for emphasis, but even FOX stated it: That is not an abuse of law enforcement processes. That is how the law works.
written by bcglorf

bahahahaha! every day is like opening a gift filled with a new slice of bewbs little world crashing down.
written by surfingyt

You miss his point….he’s saying the law is just for show.

He’s saying absolutely nothing should keep Trump from running in 24, not stealing and selling nuclear secrets, not killing 1 million Americans, not trying to end democracy in America, not a dozen separate vote frauds, not even his sex/pee tapes with Ivanka from when he fathered Barron with her….in fact his sex tapes with Barron won’t even do it, there’s absolutely nothing possible that should stop Trump from running….nothing. No matter who tells bob about crimes, it doesn’t matter. Trump is above the law (to cultists) and should just be dictator for life until he hands the nation to cokehead Jr.

You know that’s what he really means.

Fox admitting Trump committed treason only means Fox is now leftist and not to be trusted….fake news. Finally they got one right.
written by newtboy

I hate to say it, but I'm sure you are right.

If I have to prophesy on the future, the MAGA crowd will someday need to morph and abandon Trump for all his flaws and failings. And come that day, Trump will either by martyr, or equally likely listed off as just another part of the system. The Clintons at his wedding will be moved from a red herring into a central piece of evidence in their narrative.

And we should be worrying more about who that equally morally vile but less incompetent future figurehead could be.
written by bcglorf

Answer this, Bob. Is this what the FBI should have done to Hillary?

Secondly-Can you tell me why the shallow state is so terrified of that old woman?

Nothing came of that because, unlike Trump, Hillary had done nothing wrong. 😂

FYI- Undeniably Trump stole over 300 top secret documents
(Edit: now nearing 1000 pages of classified documents that had not been declassified)
that aren’t allowed out of secured viewing areas, many documents he did not even have the authority to declassify btw, much less any record of him doing so, actively hid them from investigators, gave back some and swore to the FBI that was every secret document he had (secretly claiming he personally owned the rest), gave back more under subpoena but secretly withheld hundreds still, including nuclear secrets, outright lied under oath to the FBI claiming everything had been returned….again…all the while keeping these insanely sensitive and secret documents unsecured and unguarded in a basement and closet where Chinese spies had already penetrated at LEAST once literally carrying bags full of electronic surveillance equipment, thumb drives loaded with spyware, and burglary tools….or to you, “nothing wrong”. You just love to show off how serious you aren’t. 🤦‍♂️
written by newtboy

Sometimes I think if your doctor told you that you have cancer, you'd call him a liar in spite of the the x-rays. But you do you.
written by BSR

I think if a “liberal” (read- nonTrumpist) showed him his newly amputated legs he would shout “fake news” and try to run.
written by newtboy

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