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Interestingly, about 2 weeks ago one of my son's classmate's parents said pretty much this on the parents discussion group. The reaction was only mixed in that some parents have been doing this all along, and others thought it was a great idea and would start moving things that way.

The great thing about that is that it works class-by-class, mostly, and even if one kid does get a PS5 at least they're the outlier.

Personally, if I get my son something big for christmas, I want the credit for it, not some overfed figment 😁
written by noims

I’m shocked school age children really still believe in Santa. WTF!?! I told my parents I knew he wasn’t real when I was 5.
My mother still sends me gifts from Santa anyway even though I’m 51.
Do kids really believe in giant egg hiding rabbits too? I never did. What the hell, people.
One more reason to not lie to children. How many reasons do parents need?
written by newtboy

When you discovered he wasn't real did you forgive your parents?
written by BSR

It wasn’t so much a discovery as a realization, no one told me…I never believed in magic, the supernatural, or mythological monsters, so the first serious examination of what Santa allegedly did was enough to understand it was just a cultural fantasy. I’m embarrassed it took me so long to consider….I might have even been 6.

Eventually I forgave them, but at the time I remember telling them I was very disappointed in them for lying to me, especially over something so dumb.
They were surprised, I think they apologized, and explained they were just trying to make things fun, not trick me somehow. I reminded them of the part about coal and switches if I was bad, and Santa knowing everything. I don’t remember their response to that, but I imagine on some level they were proud I figured out it was really about behavioral control at that young age.
written by newtboy

Sheldon? Is that YOU?! Did you hack newt's account?
written by BSR

Moving this video to dedstick's personal queue. It failed to receive enough votes to get sifted up to the front page within 2 days.
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