Let's talk about Trump's accomplishments...
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I’ve said this before: if it walks like a duck, quacks & shits all over the place like a duck, well....fuck.
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1. Almost 4 million jobs created since election.
2. More Americans are now employed than ever in our history.
3. Created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since his election.
4. Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than three decades.
5. Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.
6. New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.

7. Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.

8. African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.

9. Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded.

10. Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.

11. Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years.

12. Youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in nearly half a century.

13. Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma.

14. Under this administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years.

15. Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election.

16. The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans.

17. Ninty-five percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future, the highest ever.

18. Retail sales surged last month, up another 6% over last year.

19. Signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. After tax cuts, over $300 billion poured back in to the U.S. in the first quarter alone.

20. As a result of his tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.
written by bobknight33

Bob, do you have sources for any of those claims? I'm especially curious about the various references to "recent" unemployment numbers, as I assume those were all from before the Trump administration's incompetent-at-best response to Covid...
written by moonsammy

Oh fuck, Bobby...20 lies to debunk? You suck.

1) and how many lost?...tens of millions
2) citation needed, and even if true, there are many more unemployed too, there are more of us. What you neglect is that there are more trying to work because it’s impossible to live on one average income and even children have to work to pay the family bills
3) citation needed, and lost how many millions? The net has been a loss of manufacturing, most of his gains never materialized
4) for one quarter after declining at the fastest rate in history for two. If I drop you off a 100’ cliff yesterday, then lift you up by 6’ today, I still made your position much worse even though it’s incredibly better than yesterday when you were falling...I don't get kudos for picking you up after stomping you into the dirt.
5) economic growth the quarter before reduced by what was it, >30%? That’s still a loss, dummy. See #4
6) new unemployment claims hit 50year highs for 3 quarters before, and new rules take many unemployed off the list so it looks better for Donny. The unemployment rate is still historically high
7)average household income has decreased. Rich became much richer, poor became poorer. Average Americans saw a loss in income
8 ) already discussed unemployment, you’re misstating or obfuscating the whole picture
9) anyone suspected of being undocumented is removed from the list....not an honest number by far
10) more fake numbers
11) more fake numbers
12) more fake numbers
13) more fake numbers
14) more fake numbers

Here’s the real data, notice only three states weren’t in the worst unemployment position ever last year.... https://www.bls.gov/web/laus/lauhsthl.htm
Also note not a single one is at it’s historic low unemployment, and most saw record high unemployment rates for most of 2020.
I give him credit, at the beginning of 2020, before he screwed it all up with his failures over the Trump pandemic, about 1/3 of states were near record unemployment by the newer standards. I have to wonder how much of those gains were due to changing g the criteria for counting the unemployed.
When you drop your victim in a 100’ hole you don’t get kudos for throwing them a 6’ ladder
15) you mean thrown out of the programs, there’s more need than anytime since the Great Depression. It's incredibly dishonest to make qualifying for assistance far more difficult, then use the lower numbers of people who qualify as proof you improved conditions. Utter bullshit.
16) they’ve pledged that before. Call me when they graduate, until then it’s another empty promise
17) citation? Probably a Trump speech talking point
18) it was Christmas...they ALWAYS surge in Dec, usually by a ton more than this year. Let’s see the yearly number for 2020. I don’t believe for a second it was better than 2019...citation? Oops, looked it up, declined, didn’t go up. I think you’re looking at predictions for December, they were WAY below predictions.

US Retail Sales Unexpectedly Drop in December
US retail trade fell 0.7 percent from a month earlier in December 2020, following a revised 1.4 percent decline in November and compared with market expectations of a flat reading. That was also the third consecutive month of decline in consumption, amid record COVID-19 infections, high unemployment levels and lack of government's support. Receipts declined at electronics & appliance stores (-4.9 percent vs -8.3 percent in November), restaurants and bars (-4.5 percent vs -3.6 percent), food & beverage stores (-1.4 percent vs 1.5 percent), general merchandise stores (-1.2 percent vs -1.3 percent), sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument & books stores (-0.8 percent vs -1.7 percent), and furniture stores (-0.6 percent vs -2.1 percent). In addition, online trade slumped 5.8 percent, accelerating from a 1.6 percent decrease in the previous month.

19) not for people making less than millions a year, our tax cuts were minimal, temporary, and unnoticeable. What’s the debt now? He cut revenue and increased spending....thanks to failing to deal with COVID, it’s likely he doubled the debt. What was the low estimate, >$6trillion in unplanned off the budget socialist handouts to fix his lack of a public pandemic plan. This year the debt is going to outpace gdp....the deficit was up by 35% BEFORE the Trump recession.
$300 billion didn't leave...that number was the total high estimate of businesses that said they were moving off shore because they didn't want to pay taxes or said they would move back...if you believe him...and it was only for one quarter, a one time gain at a cost of >$1.2 trillion per year In lost tax revenue. Great plan. It was a one time thing, and much of that business left anyway within the year. GM plant? Foxconn? Harley Davidson? How much of that claimed $300 Billion was based on promises that never materialized?

20) not most small businesses, only those making what was it, >$500000 a year? That’s not most “small businesses “....and that tax rate is temporary, phased out completely after 10 years, corporate tax rates and rates for billionaires is permanent.

You must ignore or fake all economic data from 2020 to make these claims, and even then they would be dishonest exaggeration based on baseless claims from a constant liar.

Not one point you made is honest...that’s why you can’t provide references or citations, you would be embarrassed to admit it all came straight from Don the con’s lying mouth and not organizations that professionally study these claims.
written by newtboy

Jeez man. All that work! Just grant him his lies, then ask him if he's willing to give up democracy for that. You'll note he didn't do a thing to refute the fascism claim. Paraphrasing Franklin and with an eye to Russia: Those that would give up Democracy for a little prosperity deserve neither and will lose both. Thank god our institutions and self image are stronger than that egoist.
written by smr

1) the article Bob may have read the headline of was probably about June 2021 when 4.8 million "new" jobs were created in the USofA. These were mostly jobs renewed after the spring clampdown was partially released. Now while these jobs were (re)created, in the same month 1.4 million new people filed for unemployment benefits..
Apparently long term Trump is neither the best or the worst president in terms of being in office during a period of job growth. Clinton, Obama, Roosevelt, Reagan beat him easily.
written by vil

2) Yes there are more Americans, so more are employed. The percentage of the population employed is falling gradually at the same time. Neither of these two facts actually mean anything significant and neither have any impact on how Trump should be evaluated.
written by vil

3) Trump claimed 700 000 the actual number (before the pandemic) was 450 000, which continued the same speed of economic development that started under Obama around 2010. Net Trump loss including pandemic is about 300 k, net loss for Obama including the 2008 - 2010 recession is roughly the same.
written by vil

I'm just glad he didn't start an Iraq type war with Iran. Hoping the new administration won't either. Fingers crossed.
written by eric3579

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