Lawrence: ‘Fox News Has Blood On Its Hands’
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the republican party is the lowest common denominator for the
worst type of people. fox is the entertainment branch of the republican party.
written by surfingyt

Is it just the entertainment branch though? It's more like the US Republican's equivalent of the Chinese CCP's Ministry of Propaganda to me.
written by cloudballoon

$1,000 that nothing will change.
written by eoe

Oh it'll change things, for the worse. Fox News will dig in ever more in its myriad fear-mongering and white victimhood theories. Its Ring-wing viewers will get ever more indoctrinated and think of even more extreme forms of violence. It's how they get their highs.

While the Left just get some weed for their fix and at least hurt nobody.

Now hand over the $1000 so I can pass it to an animal rescue, instead of giving it to the bobs to get more guns.
written by cloudballoon

this isn't the first time Fox has used their platform to help promote violence.

Hannity used the Bundy standoff... a ruse to push the idea of 'jack-booted thugs' and provide his viewership reasons to hate the Obama admins.

but this was a result...

Strangely, they used hatred against the BLM then and now the BLM movement as a reason to scare white people.

Murdoch, an immigrant, anti-gun, has put the US back into Hearst hell. All those laws put into effect to stop this kind of inculcating methodology have been swept aside. w/o the Fairness Doctrine, there is no one to correct, or simply mock, a shill like *ucker. His influence would be shut off instantly if re-enacted.

Murdoch's companies have spent plenty of time in courtrooms. From the hacking corp in GB, sexually harassment suits - both men and women, and now slander against companies that make vote count machines. Criminality is their shadow.

(on a separate issue; Musk exposing his dick isn't the same as Musk exposing himself as a dick - right? Or the same really?)
written by luxintenebris

Such bullshit from a fake news outlet despite to get viewers

This killer hates all.

More fake racist shit. All to keep people divided
written by bobknight33

Utter lies Bob. This killer quoted Fox repeatedly in his manifesto about hating non white immigrants who are replacing real white Americans….I’m sure you relate.

Yes, Fox is all fake, racist shit, all to keep people divided. Reporting on how they do it is not, you member of the racist neo nazi party.
written by newtboy

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