Killer Whales Charge Blue Whale (Rare Drone Footage)
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rather than "harassing for fun", is it possible that the Orca pod's under stress, so taking a chance with non-traditional prey?
written by WmGn

Orcas are dicks. They often act like humans.

And "largest animal to ever have lived" really? It's not bigger than all the dinosaurs is it?

Or is NatGeo saying there were no dinosaurs?

written by lucky760

It seems so
Blue Whale
Largest Dinosaur
written by eric3579

Okay, fair enough.

I suppose when I picture the brontosaurus, I'm taking the long head/neck and tail into consideration, but the main torso area I guess is smaller than that whale.

Thanks for doing my homework for me! 😁
written by lucky760

But.....Bruhathkayosaurus might have been between 40–44 m (131–144 ft) in length and 175–220 tonnes in weight according to some estimates.
Certain rorquals from the Pliocene possibly rivaled the size of modern blue whales.

It's worth considering there were likely many yet undiscovered large marine animals who either were Chondrichthyes (cartilagenous, no bones) or lived in deep seas where any skeletal remains are still hidden.
written by newtboy

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