Kicked Out of Class for Saying There are Two Genders
Submitted by bobknight33
My Teacher Kicked Me Out of Class for Saying There are Two Genders
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Bullshit totally dishonest title usual.
Kicked out of class for being disruptive, interrupting, not shutting up after stating his opinion, arguing in class, denying and defying school policy, and being a douchebag. His time is worthless, not the teacher's, not the rest of the class. He wasted THEIR time by insisting they agree with his ill informed opinion and not shutting up. I hope he has fun in Summer school.
*lies for the misleading title
written by newtboy

Adding video to channels (Lies) - requested by newtboy.
written by siftbot

The real problem here is that both sides thinks this matters.

They are both right, that it's all just wasted time.

Thanks Bob, you're a pretty fart smeller. : )
written by BSR

Dishonest about what????????? I just presented an video of disagreement of thought. - I did not take any sides yet you say I'm dishonest.

The kid spoke up in opposition to what the teacher said that is not necessary disruptive. Kid got kicked out for having a different opinion and would not accept that of the teacher.

All in all that is not the issue. It is that is there only 2 sexes or more?

Regardless of what the teacher actually thinks on this matter the teacher is boxed in to accept the policy of his employer/ system. He can't speak against this policy for fear of loosing his job or getting in trouble.

The kid is free to think and express his thoughts.

Defying school policy, -- So its not right to defy school policy, or policy for that matter. Don't challenge? You don't want a world that does not challenge thought, do you?
written by bobknight33

Bob, I have to disagree. There is no need to use that many question marks.

I think newt clearly said the title was dishonest. He also stated at the end, *lies for the misleading title

No personal attack there that I can see. Unless you are Paris Cloud.
written by BSR

Dishonest stating it in a way that strongly implies he was kicked out for his opinion, and hides from the fact it was for speaking out repeatedly, disruptively.
That's a lie by obfuscation.

Did you even watch it?
The teacher was clear, he was kicked out for continuing to argue after being allowed to state his opinion...a right he did not have but a privilege he was granted. That is disruptive, as is requiring individual attention a second time to discuss the same thing.

He was kicked out for repeating his opinion, disrupting class and the teacher.

The issue is being disruptive in class, thinking his uninformed opinion should shout down an informed one from the teacher, an opinion held by the school board and codified in the rules of conduct.

Regardless of what the douchebag kid thinks on this matter, he has no right to disrupt the class by debating policy.
The kid is free to think, but not to disrupt class. He may express his home or in open public forums, not class.

If you defy school policy, expect to reap the rewards of being removed from school and all that comes with that. Duh. Challenge, sure, appropriately, in appropriate venues and times, like a school board or PTA meeting, not during class. If you wish to challenge it inappropriately and disruptively, don't think standing on the right to speak gives you immunity from other rules or repercussions. That's not how it works. It's not an absolute right....I'll prove it, go argue gender in a federal court that's in session, see how long you remain standing and unincarcerated. Better yet, go argue something not insanely pro Trump at a Trump rally, see how many teeth you have in the morning...If you see morning.
written by newtboy

That depends, if we're talking sex, then yes there is only male and female. Gender is about more than just biology so there can be more than just two.
written by 00Scud00

Wonder what hermaphrodites think about this.
written by BSR

I did not write the title -- still not lies.
Kid say kicked out for gender questioning. Teacher indicates kicked out for being disruptive.

Its the kids video - he get to title it.

On big issues like this ( ie debating on school lunch) , if one believes that school policy is wrong , is not acceptable to speak up?

Granted a better forum would be a school board meeting.

Bottom line the teacher is afraid of loosing his job and hence pushes the position of national policy.
written by bobknight33

Sounds word smithing, bending the original meaning of gender to give legitimacy to ones lifestyle.

Its like taking the definition of dog and morphing its original definition to include any 4 legged animal.

But hey the left control the education system ( and media) and hence control the language of the day.

Next time you seem me walking my elephant just be politically correct and say thats a nice dog you have.
written by bobknight33

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