Kalush Orchestra - Stefania
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Seems they won Eurovision with this song. This was not the final performance but earlier in the contest from what i could gather.

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No doubt the votes are made politically (I mean, how can it not be? Albeit well deserved.) in support of Ukraine, regardless of the performance's own merit. However, Stefania is a great selection for the country. It's relatable on a human level as well as timely amid of the invasion. I hope Kalush Orchestra won't self-doubt the win as a sympathy vote.

I'm more concern about the outcome's consequence though... so EuroVision will held in Ukraine next year. And Zelensky mentioned that he hope it can be held in Mariupol? The logistic & security must be a major headache if the war drags on. Something need to "happen" to Putin pronto.

This is the performance at the venue:
written by cloudballoon

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