Imagine If Conservatives Cared About Insurrection Emails
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like i said, low-hanging fruit.

not hard to find dung on a dunghill. <-- small sample of same s*it
anything for a buck. none worth a
written by luxintenebris

Sweet Zombie Jesus….the secret service emails were recovered and published yesterday, and they prove the secret service was well aware of credible death threats to Pelosi and Pence at the capitol on January 6 by Jan 4 at the latest (posted Dec 31)…and did not share that information with capitol police, Pelosi, or Pence until 5 hours into the coup….after trying to force Pence into Trump’s limo with only Trump’s SS security.

Yes, it’s now undeniable that the SS was absolutely part of the coup, hid their knowledge of the upcoming attack, hid their involvement by erasing all communications, and absolutely didn’t do their job….in fact it seems a hit squad of SS tried to kidnap Pence (and hand him to the crowd for lynching) but he knew Trump’s SS wasn’t going to protect him and he fled from them.

Every bit of information we get makes things so much worse. Now, the entire SS needs to be fired, for cause with no benefits no pension and a ban from working as law enforcement, and an entire new force Hired. Talk about deep state.

Remember, republicans have started to claim the “deep state is going to assassinate Trump”….and every accusation is a confession. The “red deep state”, which is undeniably real unlike the blue “deep state”, just might try another coup, starting with assassinations at the top.
written by newtboy

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