How robots could end animal captivity in zoos & marine parks
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*promote a hopeful future
written by eric3579

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written by siftbot

"This Dolphin is a Robot" -- I'm glad Prog Rock is making a comeback!
written by StukaFox

@7:06 this is what I wanted to hear...yes please.
written by Digitalfiend

But would people still goes to the zoo if they know they're seeing robots?

Zoos could keep the mandate of conserving & breeding endangered animals back to health, and get out of forcing animals to do performative shows for human entertainment and still bring in the tourism dollars and/or government funding for their good work without the unnesscasry cruelty.
written by cloudballoon

This was part of the plot of the John Cleese film Fierce Creatures. Pandas are so shy the zoo replaced it with a far cheaper animatronic because no one would notice the difference.

Later in the film they show the pandas with an 'out of order' sign in front of the enclosure.

Life imitates art.
written by noims

Well, I don't go to zoos because I understand they're keeping wild animals in captivity for the visitor's entertainment, and in most cases I find that awful. I would be much happier seeing animatronic critters paying for wild animal rehabilitation.
written by newtboy

Sort of like electric car racing. Meh.

On the other hand, a ZOO is an artificial spectacle anyway so making it more artificial is probably acceptable for the future.
written by vil

What's wrong with electric car racing? Electric race cars are already outperforming combustion engine vehicles in multiple arenas, just look at the current Pike's Peak record holder, or Nuremberg. Formula E is easily as exciting as F1. Extreme E races electric off road vehicles through the Amazon. Projekt E brings electric vehicles to top tier rally racing, there are many electric rally series. Pure ETCR is a GT racing series.

Do you miss the noise, or the smell? The racing is actually more exciting thanks to 100% torque at all speeds.
written by newtboy

I'm so on board.
Real life Jurassic Park without the danger the robots might escape and breed.
Also, the opportunity for real ballers to buy a saber tooth tiger to roam around at parties off leash! Woo hoo!
I wanna ride a mastodon.
They could even replace big game hunting, just make them capable of reacting to being shot and boom, time hunts.
*quality possibilities to explore
written by newtboy

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