How Police Protect And Serve
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Somebody needs to stand their ground against these armed, violent, and abusive gang members trespassing, spying through bedroom/backyard windows, and harassing citizens in their homes without cause. Knock on my door like that at night without a warrant, you’re not leaving my porch alive.

Make no mistakes, this is the Gestapo style of policing DeSantos wants to bring nationwide.
Note, it’s not just a policy of ignoring the civil rights of people on probation, or even just those charged but not convicted of a crime, it’s also any family member or acquaintance….which includes almost every person in America.

My question, why aren't they having a chat with the ex president twice daily if being charged with a crime and spending time with other criminals is how they determine who to harass? There's no criminal in the state with more criminal charges pending, more convictions, and more criminal associations who's not in prison than Trump.

@bobknight33, would like your take. Are you siding with the DeSantos Gestapo or citizens and their constitutional rights? You can’t have both.
written by newtboy

Looks like a big fucking pay day for this family.

Who else but @newtboy to post this.
written by bobknight33

Do you take your coffee with cream and sugar sir?
written by C-note

“This family”?
This isn’t one case, Bob. It’s department policy and has been for a long time.

Agreed, it SHOULD be a big payday for these families… unfortunately that’s at taxpayer, not the police’s pension fund’s, expense….but so far in the years of this practice if the victims got anything it doesn’t seem to have payed enough to get the local government to stop it, or enough to excuse blatant and rampant abusive harassment of law abiding citizens as standard policy, even a revenue generator.

How much is the daily harassment of your children, wife, co workers, family, friends, and business contacts at their work and in their homes late at night for years by dozens of aggressive armed men trespassing and peeping in windows and threatening arrest and continued harassment if they can’t come inside to “talk” at 3 am, all because they know you….without you ever being convicted of a crime….worth?….guaranteed none of the victims of this policy have been paid that much.

It is nice to know you at least say you don’t support DeSantis style policing…so I guess you don’t support his candidacy?

Also interesting you love to dismiss constant violent civil rights violations like this by just claiming the victims will get a huge settlement and that makes it ok (most don’t, police have immunity from all but the absolute worst illegal violations, they don’t even pay to repair the doors they destroy breaking in homes with no warrant or the pets they kill while trespassing and spying on citizens….not even for the innocent people they murder when breaking into their homes at 3 am, and when they are brought to account, they often fight cases for decades first, forcing the victims to sue them over and over and over and over....expensive lawsuits against city hall that most victims can't afford to start)….but when it’s a public health issue where they’re considering forcing you to not become a biological viral lab, stopping you from mutating new viruses to release in America, suddenly your rights to be dangerously idiotic and anti science are sacrosanct, no amount of money could make up for a little ouchie, fuck those other people you kill and disable.
Anti vaxers should not only be denied insurance, but also be forced to pay for treatment of their victims.
written by newtboy

Pasco Sheriff's Office accused of being 'intoxicated with power,' lawsuit says

written by bobknight33

Notice this lawsuit is about a pervasive culture of terrorizing fellow officers and their families, not the constant abusive behavior towards the public.

Where are the good apples? Fired, harassed, and in hiding with their professional reputations sullied and families terrorized, that's where.

Glad you're finally coming around to understand the entire profession is corrupted to it's core and they're nothing but a violent criminal gang running amok anymore.
written by newtboy

always hear about 'common ground' this well should be it. Whether if you want to cite civil liberties or the golden rule - this is unacceptable.

partially agree w/bob, the Pasco Sheriff P.D. should be sued down to blue jeans, chambray shirts, and whistles as full police issue. but it's a shame to rely on lawyers to get public officials to act in a manner appropriate to serving the public. other government overseers should be the first in line at the gauntlet to flog the wrongdoers.

as bob would say, what is happening is unconstitutional. there is agrement on that. likely a case that this behavior infringes anywhere for the 4th to 8th amendments.

as bob should say but is unlikely to speak against his own party members, it reeks of fascism, nazis, and Gestapo tactics. as it started with the lowest and they worked their way up the ladder of undesirables...very much so in the way the GOP did w/Flake, up to Romney on to Cheney...difference/dissent is death.

it's like asking demons to uphold order in heaven.

but gives one faith, that even 33 can see the obvious...or some of the obvious...if he can see this, he can see Jan 6.
written by luxintenebris

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