How Much Solar Energy is Needed to Power Earth?
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From Youtube,
"Wren uses CGI to show you how many solar panels it would take to power the world!"
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"Physics for Future Presidents"
I recommend the book.
Explores the math of this exact issue.
written by SFOGuy

why is it that all these renewable energy prosthelytizers can never articulate a coherent solution/end game? He is right, the number of pv cells needed to generate the required electrical energy is irrelevant - that is only a part - and possibly only a small part - of the problem. He gets us to all the required PV panels, but glosses over the question of storage, hydrogen, how hydrogen can be stored, air transport, etc. etc. etc. What's the point of a video like this? Waste of time and electrons...
written by drradon

Can we please have a practical outlook for the next 20 years instead of all this theoretical ideology.

It takes 20 years to build a nuclear power plant, in 20 years we hope/expect/pretend to believe only electric cars will have been sold for 5-10 years so maybe half of all cars in Europe will be electric.

I plan to open a beer and sit back and watch how society handles that. And no I am not worried about Norway and Switzerland or rich people in general.
written by vil

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